BTL Shows Support for Medical Community - Manufactures Respirator Masks in Several Facilities

October 2nd, 2020

We have all been navigating through unprecedented times for the past few months. BTL, leader in physiotherapy, cardiology, and aesthetic medical equipment, was thinking about how they continue to serve the medical community. As a medical company, BTL believes it is their commitment to protect the doctors and medical professionals, and beyond.

Swiftly BTL revamped several of their manufacturing facilities to start producing medical-grade respirators. As of September 2020, BTL’s European manufacturing facilities have been producing FFP2 (European equivalent to N-95) flat-fit respirator masks, for both medical professionals and consumers. The respirator masks received both CE marking and FDA EUA.

“All staff and docs gave these respirators a 5-star rating for comfort, breathability, tight seal, and ear relief. Ready to order many more” shared Robert Weiss, MD, USA. Melanie Palm, MD, USA stated “I got to tell you it’s a real nice edge up in terms of comfort compared to some of the K95 and N95 respirators.”

The production capacity that is going to triple in upcoming weeks. To inquire or purchase the BTL respirator masks please visit

At the same time, a licensed plan for a basic ventilator was offered to manufacturers of medical equipment. The speed and scope of the pandemic pose extraordinary challenges, and BTL decided to redirect their resources to focus on life-saving solutions. The company is proud to break the record in obtaining safety certification and a regular CE mark for ventilators in 5 weeks. BTL ventilators continue saving lives in many countries.