Focused Shockwave

  • The only technology offering the highest lifespan with constant shock intensity
  • The perfect balance between high Energy Flux Density and optimal Focal Zone size
  • The highest frequency range on the market for a wide spectrum of indications

The applicator






  • Switch & Go applicator replacement service
  • Have the therapy process under control by adjusting parameters directly from the applicator display
  • Maintenance-free 

Medical background

The most common SHOCKWAVE THERAPY applications are treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain resulting from tendinopathies, trigger points, elimination of calcifications and stimulation of bone nonunions.



Hench M., Seppel G.: Evaluation of the Therapeutic Effect of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy in Chronic Plantar Fasciitis

Treatment with Focused Shockwave provided superior results in evaluation with Visual Analogue Scale and also with Roles and Maudsley score when compared with the placebo treatment. Decrease of pain in the first few steps in the morning was almost 64 % in the 3-month follow-up. 


Most common applications