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On this page, you will find information about how to prevent, support, diagnose and rehabilitate your patients during the pandemic.

The easiest yet highly effective form of prevention is wearing a good-quality respirator. WHO recommendation is class FFP2. It has high filtration abilities to protect you as well as others. Choose from two different shapes for all day long (Flat-fit) or intermittent wearing (C-fit).

When your patients contract the disease, support them by the ventilator that allows the use of proven “lung-protective” invasive LTVV ventilation for critical patients with COVID19. The device allows assisted patient breathing during spontaneous inhalation, which reduces problems with synchronizing the patient’s breathing effort.

BTL's cardiology diagnostic tools are ready for advanced data sharing, which more than ever before, allows the providing of the necessary cardiopulmonary diagnostics without significant restrictions. Detection of the patient at risk is crucial to the current pandemic crisis, shared data helps reduce social contact between patients and staff to the lowest level possible and as we face many complications after the illness, a great system for the management of check-ups is necessary.

Pulmonary rehabilitation is becoming a worldwide topic of importance as it can improve symptoms, quality of life, pulmonary function in patients with chronic respiratory disease. Your patients may need pulmonary rehabilitation to help them breathe easier and improve their quality of life for certain lung conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cystic fibrosis, asthma and pulmonary hypertension. It can also improve daily life for people who have scoliosis or other health problems that limit lung function. Your patient may also need pulmonary rehabilitation before and after surgery for a lung transplant or lung cancer.



Physiotherapy management for post-COVID patients

Patients who have suffered from COVID-19 and completed clinical treatment may be involved in respiratory physiotherapy. Why? There are a number of people who have contracted COVID-19 and have completed clinical treatment but not all of them regained health. Some of these persons can, through the course of the treatment, affect the performance of the body, like respiration.


First post-COVID rehabilitation center in Europe

Pulmonary rehabilitation is the first choice to try out for people who have decreased respiratory capacity. The first European post-covid rehabilitation center was opened in Poland and it is using BTL Super Inductive System technology.


The Effectiveness of Laser Therapy for the Evolution of Physiological Parameters in Patients with Covid-19


Magnetotherapy Application in the Rehabilitation of Patients with COVID-19


              The first post-Covid rehabilitation
center in Europe

The first European post-covid rehabilitation center
was opened in Poland and it is using BTL
Super Inductive System technology.

              This is how the production of high-quality respirators
looks like

As wearing respirators became compulsory in many
countries, the demand has risen significantly.
BTL, a company manufacturing physiotherapy and
cardiology devices, started to produce millions
of pieces of respirators per month.

              Innovative pulmonary treatments of patients with
the post-COVID syndrome

Juan José Bernal Arreola MD researched an alternative
treatment for patients with post-covid syndrome,
specifically lung and respiratory therapies.
BTL Super Inductive System and BTL Robotic
Scanning System showed really superior results
to traditional respiratory therapy.




  1. High filtration efficiency for maximum safety
  2. Low breathing resistance to ensure the highest comfort
  3. The ergonomic shape of the respirator to fit most types of faces 
  4. Spacious inner chamber


  1. Enhanced filtration efficiency with low breathing resistance
  2. Protection against airborne particles, viruses, and bacteria
  3. Elastic earloops make it easy to put on and remove
  4. Close fit reduces the amount of trapped exhaled air




  • Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)
  • Pressure support ventilation (PSV)
  • Pressure support and pressure assist/control (P A/C)
  • Ventilation Assist Control (V A/C)
  • Synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation (SIMV)
  • Pressure-Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (P SIMV)
  • Oxygen enrichment




Diagnostic confidence in minimum time, safety of patients and staff, secure data sharing. Network solutions, together with excellent BTL technologies for cardiology, meet all the demanding requirements of hospital operations.

The modern solution provides safe diagnostic data sharing, instant information access and convenience for patients and staff. Data sharing, more than ever before, allows the providing of the necessary cardiopulmonary diagnostics without significant restrictions.



Whether it is evaluation of Hypoxia tolerance assessment or diagnosing exercise intolerance, the BTL’s CPET system provides accurate results displayed in a user-friendly software.

  • Compact design
  • Supreme measurement accuracy
  • Easy operation

Resting ECG

All the BTL electrocardiographs were designed especially for simple operation, suitable even for the most demanding experts.

In combination with BTL CardioPoint-ECG software, the BTL ECGs allow comparing ECG records, sharing them and exporting them to third-party medical systems, making them easy to use in any set-up, whether hospital, medical office, or a home visit.


BTL spirometer was designed with respect to ATS/ERS GLI standards. It performs FVC, SVC and MVV tests, allows choosing the desired predictive norm and also provides automatic interpretation from ATS, BTS, Enright and GOLD. Recorded spirometry curves and parameters can always be compared with those from previous examinations.


ECG Holter

Holter record evaluated in minimum time and with maximum accuracy? The BTL CardioPoint-Holter has been specifically designed to save physician’s time. Besides excellent signal quality, it offers a number of unique tools for verification of automatic diagnostic results.

Our efforts to have the finest detection of atrial fibrillation possible resulted in 99.5% sensitivity even in patients having paroxysmal form of the disorder.



BTL CardioPoint-ABPM meets all the present specifications of professional blood pressure monitoring. It uses a precise lightweight recorder with silent operation and it comes with an easy-to-use software. Very quiet operation, low weight, and small size allow your patients to do all their daily activities with almost no limitations.

BTL ABPM features unique stepwise deflation. This technology together with our algorithms guarantees reliable clinical outcomes meeting strict requirements of the BHS, AAMI and IEC standards.





Super Inductive System is a cutting-edge technology based on the interaction between a high-intensity electromagnetic field and the human body. The intense electromagnetic field depolarizes neural tissues and causes intense, yet gentle contractions of respiratory muscles.

Super Inductive System strengthens the diaphragm, intercostal muscles and enhances blood circulation in the thoracic area.



The automated HIGH INTENSITY LASER, the so-called ROBOTIC SCANNING SYSTEM is an operator-free procedure that can be used in pulmonary rehabilitation to eliminate consequences of pulmonary disease such as back and chest pain, muscle pain, and spasms due to ineffective breathing patterns.

The unique combination of 30 W power and a 1064 nm wavelength allows for targeting deep-lying tissues, maximizing pain relief, and delivering strong thermic therapies within a short time.



TR-Therapy is all about the combination of the therapist’s manual skills and tissue-selective heating through radiofrequency current. TR-Therapy causes deep tissue hyperthermy to release trigger points and facilitate muscles. By relaxing and stretching soft tissues of the inferior thoracic aperture, you are directly affecting the diaphragm which is the main respiratory muscle. This is a perfect kick-off for a pulmonary rehabilitation session!

Watch the ultimate TR-Therapy video tutorial on pulmonary rehabilitation and learn about all the benefits for your patients!



BTL-4000 is a highly advanced system that includes all four modalities: electrotherapy, ultrasound, low-level laser therapy, and magnetotherapy that can be used in pulmonary rehabilitation: