December 3rd, 2020



Most people who contract coronavirus (COVID-19) recover. But about 10-15% will have a severe infection, and a further 5% will become critically ill. People with severe COVID-19 infections suffer from low blood oxygen. Patients with difficulty breathing because of the virus will have worsening lung function and won’t be able to circulate oxygen properly to the body’s essential organs.

Pulmonary rehabilitation is the first choice to try out for people who have decreased respiratory capacity. The first European post-covid rehabilitation center was opened in Poland and it is using BTL Super Inductive System technology.

“My co-workers from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of the Interior told me that this is the first in Europe, but I prefer to say one of the first rehabilitation centers in Europe” - said premier Mateusz Morawiecki.

“As part of the project, the rehabilitation of the respiratory system after the survival of COVID-19 will be carried out, which will completely reduce the effects of the disease and improve the quality of patient function after the infection” - said a member of Magistrate.

The medical facility has 60 beds and it is equipped with BTL pulmonary technology: Super Inductive System, a cutting-edge technology based on a high-intensity electromagnetic field, inducing intense, yet gentle contractions of the respiratory muscles. The goal of pulmonary rehabilitation with the Super Inductive System is to strengthen the diaphragm, intercostal muscles and enhance blood circulation in the thoracic area.

The center's innovative program includes a 3-week stay for rehabilitation exercises. Ms. Yvona Ryndak is one of the first patients to finish a pilot rehabilitation program after COVID-19 infection, you can follow her experience in the video below: