Rehabilitation center for post-COVID patients in Proszowice

July 19th, 2021



The rehabilitation center in Proszowice has launched rehabilitation services for people who struggle with negative symptoms after COVID-19.

There are more than 1000 people who are in recovery after COVID-19 in Proszowice district. Current statistics show that the number of new infections is constantly increasing. Not everyone gets out of the disease without negative health effects.

“Many people complain of respiratory problems and general weakness. For them we have proposed new rehabilitation services”, says Adrian Karasiewicz, the owner of the center, located on the premises of the Municipal Sports and Recreation Center in Proszowice.

As it turns out, even very young people experience negative consequences after undergoing COVID-19.

“For almost half a year after I got sick, I had breathing problems due to adhesions in my lungs. I also had problems lying on the left side. Only recently have these symptoms gone”, says a 25-year-old man who contracted the disease last October.

Post-COVID therapy involves the use of the BTL-6000 Super Inductive System (SIS) equipment which stimulates the body using a high-intensity and low-frequency electromagnetic field.

“The main task of the therapy is to restore the contractility of the diaphragm and intercostal muscles through stimulation, and as a result to return to normal and painless breathing. The treatment guarantees a quick and lasting improvement of respiratory parameters after a serious illness. Of course, we can also perform other types of therapy depending on the condition”, adds Adrian Karasiewicz.

Patients may be referred to the center based on the diagnosis of the disease or a referral for rehabilitation from a GP or specialist doctor. Unfortunately, at the moment the proposed treatments are not reimbursed by the National Health Insurance.

 Aleksander GÄ…ciarz