Main features


Measurement Accuracy

The swivel arm holding the analyzer allows using a very short patient tubing. In a short patient tubing, the gas samples do not mix together. Therefore, every gas sample can be precisely analyzed in the gas analyzer.


Minimum Flow Resistance

The flowmeter doesn’t contain any moving parts and causes only minimum resistance to the air flow. For its low price it can be used as a disposable item.


Optimized Data Display

Vertically positioned monitors allow simultaneous observation of the ECG and gas data and support touch operation. The ECG software is perfectly synchronized with the software for the gas analysis. For any selected pulmonary data, the corresponding ECG strip is shown and vice versa.


Comfortable Calibration

Ergonomically positioned calibration syringe and gas cylinder make the system calibration more comfortable. There is no need to hold the syringe in hands during calibration, nor to walk around the station to reach the gas cylinder.


SDS Module

Sudden Death Screening module evaluates individual’s risk of sudden cardiac death based on Seattle Criteria.

technical parameters

O2 sensor Ultrafast electrochemical cell
CO2 sensor Non-dispersive infrared
Flowmeter Without any moving parts
Can be used as disposable or reusable (when disinfected)
Flow measurement range - 18 l/s
Accuracy - 2% or 50 ml/s
Dead space - 36 ml
Supported ECG software BTL CardioPoint-Ergo
Supported ECG hardware BTL-08 SD3, SD6
BTL-08 MT Plus
BTL-08 LT, LT Plus, LC, LC Plus
Calibration Flow calibration with 3 l syringe
Gas calibration with calibration mixture (15% O2, 6% CO2)
Main measured & calculated parameters W - Load
MET - Metabolic Equivalent of Task
VE - Minute Ventilation
VT - Tidal Volume
fR - Breath Frequency
VO2 - Oxygen Consumption
VO2 max - Maximal Oxygen Consumption
VO2 max/kg - Maximal Oxygen Consumption per Body Weight
VCO2 - Carbon Dioxide Production
VCO2 max - Maximal Carbon Dioxide Production
OUES - Oxygen Uptake Efficiency Slope
RER - Respiratory Exchange Ratio
REE - Resting Energy Expenditure
EE - Energy Expenditure
HR - Heart Rate
pO2 - O2 Concentration
pCO2 - CO2 Concentration
PETO2 - End-Tidal Oxygen Tension
PETCO2 - End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide Tension
FVC - Forced Vital Capacity
SVC - Slow Vital Capacity
MVV - Maximum Voluntary Ventilation
IC - Exercise Inspiratory Capacity
Evaluations Determination of Anaerobic Threshold
Interpretation of Aerobic Capacity
Pre and post-test measurements
Blood gases analysis
Calorimetry - Fat burning and Energy Expenditure
QT module (for Long QT Syndrome analysis)
Risk scores (Duke, Detrano, St. James, VA referral, ST-HR index)
Automatic arrhythmia detection
ST maps (for easy ischemic heart disease determination)