Main features


Silent, Lightweight, Accurate

BTL ABPM records blood pressure for up to 51 hours at preset intervals.
It features unique stepwise deflation, which guarantees reliable measurements. Very quiet operation, low weight and small size make the recorder comfortable for both the physician and the patient.


Simple Evaluation

BTL ABPM software automatically performs detailed analysis of blood pressure values with a text interpretation of the measured data. The accuracy of the used algorithms has been proved to meet the BHS, AAMI and IEC criteria. As a result, record evaluation is both accurate and simple.


BTL CardioPoint®

BTL CardioPoint software is a versatile and complete solution integrating ECG, stress test, Holter, ABPM and spirometry into one unified platform. Its number of possible diagnostic, graphic and network configurations make it a software that adapts to the user rather than the user having to adapt to the software.

Features overview

Calculated parameters MAP avg, PP avg, Pulse avg, Night fall index Sys/Dia, SYS/DIA day/night difference, PTE SYS/DIA,
PTD SYS/DIA, SYS/DIA max, SYS/DIA min, Morning surge, SYS/DIA avg, SYS/DIA load, SYS/DIA leese,
SYS/DIA hyper readings, SYS/DIA hypo readings
Automatic interpretation AHA 2005, ESH 2003, AHA 2008 pediatrics, Chaloupecký 2006 pediatrics, NHFA 2002, NICE 2011