Main features


Unified Cardiology Platform

BTL CardioPoint is a versatile software solution integrating ECG, stress test, Holter, ABPM and spirometry into one unified platform. All these modules use the same style of user interface and same logic of controls. When using one module, getting used to another is then very easy.


One Patient Database

All the BTL CardioPoint modules (examinations) use just one-patient database. Due to its clear arrangement, all common procedures (such as creating a new patient, starting a new examination) are very straightforward. Advanced functions, such as data back-up, exporting to various formats are available as well.


User Interface Customization

BTL software has fully customizable interface and its layout and worksteps can be easily adapted. The operator is allowed to arbitrarily add or move tables, ECG strips and other windows. The BTL CardioPoint is thus a software that adapts to the user rather than the user adapting to the software.




Improving the quality of care provided, increasing the productivity of medical staff and reducing the costs are current trends in healthcare. The BTL CardioPoint-NET positively influences all 3 parameters at the same time.

The versatility of the product offers a solution for small outpatient medical facilities as well as for larger clinics and hospitals that require a tool for quick and efficient management of patient and examination information.


Resting ECG

BTL CardioPoint-ECG software makes a great addition to any BTL ECG. It allows comparing ECG records, sharing them with other computers in the network and exporting them into third-party medical systems. Its simple operation makes it perfect for use even in high-traffic facilities, such as emergency rooms.

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Sudden Death Screening

Sudden Death Screening (SDS) module is a unique tool for a prevention of sudden cardiac death, the leading cause of death in young athletes. For maximum comfort, the SDS module has been integrated into a routine ECG examination. Its main advantages are: instant evaluation of athlete-specific ECG, excellent sensitivity and innovative visualizations for fast result validation.

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Measurement accuracy, diagnostic features and comfort in operation predispose the CPET (CardioPulmonary Exercise Test) system from BTL to be used in various medical facilities. In all of them, the BTL’s CPET system provides its operator with accurate results displayed in a modern and easy-to-use user interface.

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Stress Test

BTL CardioPoint-Ergo software is a new generation of advanced computer-based stress-test systems. Its simple operation and number of automated features allow physicians to better focus on their patients during the test. Its advanced diagnostic features help extract maximum information from the test to reliably define the risk of CAD.

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ECG Holter

BTL CardioPoint-Holter software has been specifically designed to save physicians’ time. Besides an excellent signal quality, which is crucial in Holter recording, it offers a number of unique tools for verifying the automatic diagnostic results. As a result, it is possible to evaluate the Holter record in minimum time and with maximum accuracy.

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BTL CardioPoint-ABPM software meets all the present specifications for professional blood pressure monitoring. It uses a lightweight recorder with silent operation and it comes with an easy-to-use software. Precise blood pressure measurement is guaranteed by BTL’s unique “stepwise deflation” measuring method.

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The combination of the BTL pneumotachograph and the BTL CardioPoint software turns any computer into a highly sophisticated spirometer. Besides common functions, the spirometer allows comparing examination results, configuring final reports or sharing examination data with other computers in the network.

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