Main features


Excellent Signal Quality

BTL Holter recorder features a supreme signal quality even under highly demanding conditions (e.g. rapid movements). Physicians consequently spend minimum time verifying results of the automatic diagnostics.


Automatic Start of Recording

Starting a Holter recording is a routine with BTL-08 Holter. The recording starts automatically 20 minutes after turning the device on.


Built-in Microphone

BTL-08 Holter is equipped with a microphone to record patient’s voice whenever the patient button is pressed. This can be used as a replacement of the patient’s diary or to dictate patient’s name at the examination startup.


Diagnostic Software

All the recorded data is processed by the BTL CardioPoint software.
The BTL software uses a number of unique tools that enable fast yet professional evaluation of the recorded ECG.

Technical parameters

  H100 H300 H600
Number of channels 3 3/7 3/7/12
Recording time 1–2 days 1–7 days 1–7 days (3, 7 channels)
1–4 days (12 channels)
Patient cable 5 lead 5 lead 5/10 lead
Signal quality check USB, SD card USB, SD card, BT USB, SD card, BT
LCD screen resolution 128 × 64 px
Storage capacity 2 GB
Sampling Frequency / Resolution 8 × 2000 Hz / 24 bit
Pacemaker detection 100 µs / Dedicated circuit with 40000 Hz detection function
Frequency Range 0.049–220 Hz
Digital resolution 1.52 µV
Maximum electrode potential ± 393 mV DC
Dynamic Range 66 mV
Common mode rejection (with digital filter) > 100 dB (> 115 dB)
Batteries alkaline 2× AA 1.5 V or 2 × Ni-Cd or 2 × NiMH 1.2 V
Dimensions 102 × 62 × 24 mm (4 × 2.44 × 0.94 inches)
Weight 106 g (3.7 oz)