BTL CardioPoint-ECG

BTL CardioPoint-ECG software makes a great addition to any BTL ECG. It allows comparing ECG records, sharing them with other computers in the network and exporting them into third-party medical systems. Its simple operation makes it perfect for use even in high-traffic facilities, such as emergency rooms.

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L-Line ECGs

BTL L-Line ECGs are professional 12-channel electrocardiographs designed especially for cardiology departments and clinics. High quality printouts on A4/A5 paper, large touch-screen, WiFi & LAN data transmission and optional spirometry upgrade make it a suitable device for even the most demanding experts.

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M-Line ECGs

BTL-08 MT Plus ECGs combine all the advanced features of the L-Line models in a compact design. This ECG device is suitable for a broad spectrum of users. The color touch-screen, high-quality ECG printouts and the spirometry option make it a powerful, yet still an easy-to-operate device.

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S-Line ECGs

BTL-08 S-Line ECGs are best known for their portability and long-term operation in battery mode. The LCD display allows observing the one selected channel and other related information such as paper speed, amplitude, etc. As with all the BTL ECGs, the user’s comfort is ensured by one-touch operation and easy-to-use menu.

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