Main features


Computerized ECG

In standard configuration, the BTL CardioPoint-ECG software comes with the BTL-08 SD3 ECG. This ECG features its own thermal printer and internal battery and thus, if needed, can be used independently of a computer as a portable device. Other ECG models (except for SD1) can be however connected to CardioPoint-ECG software, as well, if additional features are requested.


Simple & Adaptive

BTL CardioPoint user interface is optimized to minimum mouse clicks. The ECG records can be shared with other computers in the BTL NETwork and exported into third-party systems using HL7, DICOM or GDT protocols. Thanks to these features, the software is easy to use and perfectly adaptive to specific clinical workflows.


ST Maps

ST maps display ST segment deviations in horizontal and vertical plane. They help recognize the common pathologies associated with ST segment deviations easily and quickly.


QT Module

The QT module helps evaluating QT(c) interval to diagnose possible risk of ventricular tachycardias that may result in sudden cardiac death. It uses a tangent method which is specifically suitable for QT measurement with higher heart rates, when there is no clear return to the baseline or the T wave has two peaks.


ECG Comparison

Any ECG record can be compared with another one of the same patient in the BTL CardioPoint-ECG software. The ECG comparator allows comparing the shape of the ECG waveform as well as the measured diagnostic data.


BTL CardioPoint®

BTL CardioPoint software is a versatile and complete solution integrating ECG, stress test, Holter, ABPM and spirometry into one unified platform. Its number of possible diagnostic, graphic and network configurations make it a software that adapts to the user rather than the user having to adapt to the software.

features overview

  C300 C600
Emergency ECG quick launch Yes Yes
Long ECG monitoring Yes Yes
Einthoven / Cabrera ECG display Yes Yes
Electrode application indicator Yes Yes
Automatic ECG measurements Yes Yes
Calliper for manual measurements Yes Yes
Automatic text interpretation   Yes
QT module   Yes
ST maps   Yes
ECG waveforms comparator   Yes
Vectorcardiogram (VCG)   Yes