main features


5 Minutes Evaluation Time

Prospective validation study confirmed that 71% of the records were evaluated in less than 5 minutes and 55% of the records even in less than 2 minutes.


Unique Visualization of Results

The SDS module offers an option to use detailed zoom analysis with exactly marked normal limits for each Seattle criterion. Selected ECG beat is displayed in perfect detail against the interactive normal limits.


98% Sensitivity of Automatic Interpretation

Sensitivity of the SDS Module was clinically verified in cooperation with Motol University Hospital of Charles University in Prague. The result of retrospective test of automatic evaluation success was 98%.


100% Seattle Criteria Compliance

The SDS module automatically checks all 16 criteria based on a combination of more than 90 ECG measurements. In compliance with the Seattle Criteria and with respect to the QTc measurement standard, it does not use an averaged median, instead it is able to measure any selected P-QRS-T complex directly.


Minimize Misdiagnoses in Athletes

In 60% of physically active population are ECG changes, reflecting adaptation to the training load. In non-active population would the same ECG changes be interpreted as pathologic. Seattle criteria reduce false-positive rate of ECG screening from 17% to feasible 4.2%.