Rotary Field Technology: The principle

The ultrasound Rotary Field Technology is the latest innovation based on multiple crystal applicators. The ultrasound crystals are organised in the applicator as an array of ultrasound transmitters which are controlled by a real time processor unit. The real time processor unit activates the individual crystals according to preset parameters.

The Rotating Field is created by the sequential activation of the crystals while the real time processor controls speed of rotation, output power and depth of ultrasound field penetration for each individual crystal. Such precise control makes the ultrasound therapy effective and safe against any risks such as hotspots which are typical of some stationary ultrasound technologies.

Most common applications

Features and benefits of the HandsFree Sono®

• Saving operator’s time and effort
• More efficient therapy & elimination of the therapist’s fault
• Maximum safety using the embedded Rotary Field Technology
• Equal ultrasound dosage over the entire treated area
• Alternating frequencies 1 and 3 MHz
• Two models of the HandsFree Sono: 18 cm2 with six crystals and 12 cm2 with four crystals