• Unique modular system
  • Up to four therapies in one unit
  • Preset protocols and therapeutic encyclopaedia
  • Large colour touch screen
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BTL-4000 Smart & Premium

  • The most advanced technology in the industry
  • Body Parts navigation and QUICK protocols
  • Portable and battery-operated
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Medical background



Laser therapy uses a beam of light with defined characteristics. As the beam penetrates the tissues of the human body, it causes analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, as well as biostimulation.

BTL offers a wide range of red, infrared and combined laser probes and clusters. Laser probes are suitable for treatment of smaller areas, while the laser clusters are designed to treat larger areas. Infrared applicators with the 830 nm wavelength generate laser light that penetrates deeper into the tissue. The red applicators with the 685 nm wavelength are used to treat superficial areas such as wounds, scars or haematomas.