High Intensity Laser

  • The most powerful 30 W high intensity laser for maximized effect of pulsed analgesia, as well as delivering strong thermic therapies
  • 1064 nm wavelength for the most effective energy delivery to
    deep-lying tissues
  • Body Condition Screen for personalized therapy
  • Equipped with continuous multi-level control of power







  • Covering body areas up to 1200 cm2
  • Temperature monitoring of homogenous energy spread and maximized therapeutic efficiency
  • Continuous control of a safe distance between the patient and the Robotic Scanning System


*Compatible only with the new generation of High Intensity Laser








  • The most powerful manual laser therapy delivering the power of up to 30 W
  • Intelligent applicator with therapy control buttons and therapy indicator light
  • The optical system for setting spot size within the range of 10-30 mm

Medical background

HIGH INTENSITY LASER is the first-choice treatment in musculoskeletal pain resulting from post-traumatic and chronic conditions, surgical interventions, and inflammatory conditions.



Bettencourt F.: Effects of Class IV Laser in Knee Osteoarthritis: A Randomized Control Trial

Class IV laser treatment was found to be an effective modality in reducing knee pain in patients with osteoarthritis. The laser group showed over 44% improvement in pain reduction, whereas the placebo control group displayed no significant difference in pain perception following the treatments.


Marshall R.P., Vlková K.: Spectral Dependence of Laser Light on Light-tissue Interactions and its Influence on Laser Therapy: An Experimental Study  

The experiment showed that longer wavelengths lead to decreasing energy absorption and refraction index in the melanin, as well as a reduction of hemoglobin energy absorption. We conclude that reflection and melanin absorption are negligible for wavelengths higher than 1000 nm due to the ability to penetrate higher amounts of energy into the tissue.


Most common applications