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BTL Congress – SLBenfica Physical Rehabilitation Medicine

Lisbon, Portugal 

The aim of the congress was to broaden the horizons in physiotherapy and present three unique BTL technologies on a theoretical and practical level. 

On 21st of May, BTL Portugal organized a congress to introduce the BTL therapies including High Intensity Laser, TR-Therapy and Electrotherapy at famous “Estadio da Luz” (Stadium of Light) in Lisbon. 60 doctors and physiotherapists from the best hospitals and private clinics all over the country attended the congress. Theoretical presentations, clinical evidence and practical demonstrations of these medical units confirmed why the BTL units belong among the top technologies. BTL had a great opportunity to cooperate with two physiotherapists of top football team the Sport Lisboa e Benfica. 

The goal of this congress was to introduce new trends in physiotherapy and to demonstrate therapeutic procedures. The participants were educated on the history, physical principles and clinical guide. They acquainted with scientific studies, features of each of the medical units and tried the therapy in practice.

The program was divided into three parts beginning with the BTL Electrotherapy. Key speaker was physiotherapist Telmo Firmino who introduced the principle of the therapy, application parameters. In cooperation with physiotherapist Luis Ribeiro who presented the following practical application, they delivered a thorough guide to the therapy. After lunch the program continued with the theory of TR-Therapy and principles of radiofrequency. The conference was concluded with presentation of the High Intensity Laser and explanation of its unique medical features - analgesia and biostimulation.

Take a look at the photos below.


Pt. Telmo Firmino 
- Professor at the Alcoitão School of Health (ESSA) 
- Head physiotherapist of the Clinical Department of Sport Lisboa e Benfica SAD football team

Pt. Luis Ribeiro 
- Physiotherapist at Sport Lisboa e Benfica