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NEW Shockwave Therapy Website Release

We are delighted to announce the release of the NEW BTL Shockwave Therapy website. BTL is keen on providing its customers and patients with scientifically proven and the latest news in the field of Shockwave therapy, and therefore we have re-designed our SWT website. 

The new SWT website brings you the latest research updates in various indications in the Scientific Support section. The About Shockwave Therapy provides detailed information on Medical Effects, Indications, Therapy Sequence and all the other things you might want or need to know about the Shockwave therapy. The effects of Shockwave therapy and its successes are then confirmed by numerous physicians and sportsmen in the References & Testimonials section. And of course, to keep you up-to-date with the upcoming events and latest news you can visit the News & Events section. 

You can check-out our new SWT website at
If you have any questions about Shockwave Therapy, don't hesitate to contact us and fill in our Contact Form.

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