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New TR-Therapy Website

As for our Shockwave Therapy we have decided to support one of our newest products, BTL-6000 TR-Therapy, by creating a website for it.

On this website you can find everything you might be curious to know about TR-Therapy from explanation of what is the unique TR-Therapy Concept to news about TR-Therapy workshops and events all around the world. Section About TR-Therapy offers explanation of the medical effects that the device triggers, highlights main indications and demonstrates them on lively videos. You can also explore how to provide the Therapy Step-by-Step. In the about section, you can also find out more about the TR-Therapy Concept that combines this physical modality with therapist’s unique skills – the manual techniques. Don’t forget to browse through the „reference and testimonials“ section to see what top athletes and physiotherapists think about the therapy and how they use it.