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Main features

• 3-section traction therapy couch with mounting for BTL-16 Plus traction unit
• Electrical height adjustment
• Gas-spring head section adjustment
• Functional design providing great degree of safety and comfort
• Heavy-duty motor with silent operation
• Non-flammable and easy-to-clean upholstery materials


Models BTL-1300 Trac

BTL-1100 Trac
3-section, fixed height

Length (cm)  210 210
Hand switch Yes  
Breathing hole Yes No
Electrically adjustable height  Yes  
Standard width (cm) 70 70
Adjustable height: 42–95 cm   Yes  
Head section adjustment range:  +55°/−30° +50°/−45°
Weight: 65–120 kg  Yes Yes
Load capacity: 170 kg  Yes Yes
Mains supply: 230 V/50 Hz  Yes  
Mains supply: 120 V/50 Hz No  
Yes Standard
No Optional