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Ultrasound Therapy

BTL provides state-of-the-art ultrasound therapy equipment – the unique operator-independent ultrasound applicator HandsFree Sono® and ergonomic ultrasound heads with built-in visual contact control.



BTL offers the most advanced electrotherapy devices available on the market with full range of low- and medium-frequency currents.


Laser Therapy

BTL lasers include a wide spectrum of powerful applicators with two different wavelengths and adjustable intensity levels allowing the operator to reach maximum treatment efficiency.



BTL represents a powerful magnetotherapy system. The magnetotherapy applicators are equipped with the Focused Magnetic FieldTM technology. This integrated system enhances the operator's safety while preserving constant therapeutic effect for the patient.


Combined Units

BTL physical therapy devices enable the combination of electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, laser therapy and magnetotherapy in one unit.


Shortwave Diathermy

BTL-6000 Shortwave is a state-of-the-art device for high-frequency heat therapy. The use of high-frequency energy for heat therapy has the advantage of a greater penetration depth in contrast with conventional methods, such as hot packs, baths or infrared light. 

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Microwave Diathermy

BTL-6000 Microwave diathermy is a unit for continuous and pulsed microwave therapy. Microwave therapy is simple to apply thanks to the unipolar application.

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Traction Therapy

BTL-16 Plus is a traction device suitable for cervical and lumbar therapy. Traction therapy is a common treatment option used for back and neck pain.

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Heat Therapy

BTL-25 L and BTL-25 XL bring smart and effective solution to heat therapy. The devices combine two of the most popular kinds of heat therapy: paraffin bath and hot pack heating.

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