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Main features

• Comfortable operation using the colour touch screen
• 4 hydromassage zones, 8 water jets and 24 micro-jets
• 2 air massage zones, 122 air massage jets
• “Hot-keys” for frequently used therapies
• Preset therapy protocols
• High-quality acrylate bath surface for easy cleaning

Technical parameters

Model ALFA 10 ALFA 20 ALFA 30/ ALFA 30 Deluxe ALFA 40/ ALFA 40 Deluxe ALFA 50 ALFA 60 Deluxe ALFA 70 Deluxe
Number of hydromassage jets     4 8   8 8
Number of hydromassage micro-jets     12 24   24 30
Number of hydromassage body zones     4 4   4 4
Regulation of hydromassage intensity     Yes Yes   Yes Yes
Number of air massage jets         122 104 122
Number of air massage body zones         1 2 2
Regulation of air massage intensity         Yes Yes Yes

Underwater massage

  Yes No No No No No

Carbonated water option (preparation for CO2 bath)

Yes No No No No No No
5.7″ LCD touchscreen     Yes (Deluxe) Yes (Deluxe)   Yes Yes
Water filling & bath temperature indication     Yes (Deluxe) Yes (Deluxe)   Yes Yes
Automatic bath filling and emptying     Yes (Deluxe) Yes (Deluxe)   Yes Yes
Thermostatic mixing tap     Yes (Deluxe) Yes (Deluxe)   Yes Yes
“Hot-keys” for frequently used programmes     Yes (Deluxe) Yes (Deluxe)   Yes Yes
Automatic drying of air massage jets           Yes Yes
Colour therapy option (chromatotherapy)     No (Deluxe) No (Deluxe)   No No
Music option (built-in sound system)     No (Deluxe) No (Deluxe)   No No
Automatic disinfection programme     No (Deluxe) No (Deluxe)   No No
Maximum bath volume / utility bath volume 380/280 l
Dimensions (L × W × H) 2400 × 980 × 900 mm
Main power supply 230 V/50 Hz
Yes Standard
No Optional